Villa Buonvisi estate was first built during the 15th century for the well known and powerful Buonvisi Family. The Buonvisi family's banking and silk business flourished during the 15th century and they become Lucca's leading family of wealth. Beginning of the 1500 century Villa Buonvisi is starting to take shape and is being built as one of the family's summer residences after careful searching for the perfect ground. Five minutes outside the Lucca walls, then close to the border between Lucca and Pisa, it became the perfect place with good opportunities for cultivation and hunting. They raised cattle, planted olive trees, vines and lemon trees at the estate to provide for the large family and all residences. These are the same lemon trees and and olive trees we are harvesting from today, 500 years later. During the 1600s, Lucca and the Buonvisi family fell victim to an extreme economic collapse and during the 1800s and most of the Buonvisi family were extinct. In Lucca there is still an old saying that reads "even the Buonvisi's went broke" to describe how extreme the economic collapse were. The estate was in the belonging of descendants to the Buonvisi family until the 1900s and after that there have been a few different owners of the property and the villa was also fortified by the Germans during the World War ||.

Today Villa Buonvisi is 500 years old and owned by the Swedish Mattsson Family since three years back. We ended up in Lucca at Villa Buonvisi out of pure coincidence, we like to think that faith brought us here. And of course, the Tuscan charm, food and wine. We host weddings, private groups, retreats and some B&B. Together with our wonderful team we strive to provide genuine and memorable experiences. We want you to feel at home, relax and enjoy your time at our family Bed & Breakfast.


We are a small team of staff members and we hope to spread a lot of joy and be helpful throughout your stay at Villa Buonvisi. We speak Italian, English, Swedish and Tamil.


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House keeping




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